Conservatives say:

Austerity is the way out of the crisis FALSE
We cannot afford social expenses in the current context FALSE
Wealth will trickle down to all Europeans FALSE
Lower labour costs are necessary to be competitive FALSE
Financial markets are regulated enough FALSE
Europe is about fiscal discipline and dereguating markets FALSE
we say:
  • More investment is what’s needed. We need to put Europe back on track for long-term, sustainable and fair growth.
  • We need reform, but we shouldn’t be obsessed with achieving fiscal balance. Reforms should improve Europeans’ daily life.
we say:
  • Europe’s welfare system is essential!
  • Our reforms would allow social protection to meet the challenges of growing inequalities and an ageing population, without undermining its positive impact.
we say:
  • Wealth will not trickle down by itself!
  • Fair taxation, leaving no room for tax evasion, is needed to make society work.
  • Our reforms would ensure everyone contributes their fair share to society, including companies who must pay taxes on profits in the country where they are made.
we say:
  • We want a knowledge economy, not a cheap labour economy.
  • Our reforms would compete based on innovation, resilience and productivity, not on low wages and less social protection.
we say:
  • The financial sector should be put at the service of the citizens.
  • Our reforms would bring greater transparency and responsibility to the financial sector, through adequate regulation.
we say:
  • Europe must prove its worth, by showing capacity to improve the lives of its citizens.
  • Our reforms would not impose precarious cuts in public spending, they would give the EU the means to get more investment, employment and productivity – at the same time making a fairer society.

Presidency Declaration

Thanks to the efforts of our political family, a consensus has now developed in the European Union that more investment is needed to create growth and jobs. Yet, much progress remains to be made. Another battle of political ideas is taking place in parallel



by Sergei Stanishev and Maria Joo Rodriges

The crisis in Europe remains a bitter reality for many people. As a result, the far right and populism are on the rise. Solidarity is weakening and divisions and inequalities growing, both within and between EU countries. We say, enough! Conservatives


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We, European Socialists and Democrats, stand for positive reforms.We offer a detailed, progressive agenda of reforms and investments addressing key structural challenges Europe faces. Our reforms are geared towards competitiveness